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V Syndicate Space Xhale 4-Piece SharpShred Grinder
On Sale
V Syndicate 63MM 420 Rasta 4-Piece SharpShred Grinder
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What is an herb grinder?

An herb grinder, sometimes referred to as a weed grinder, is a tool that helps to break up larger chunks of flower into smaller, more consistent pieces. This makes rolling with rolling papers and blunt wraps much easier, and enables a smoother smoke and a more even burn. Smoking has been around for millenia, and for the majority of that time, people would either stuff large pieces of their plant into a pipe, or they would attempt to grind their herb with their hands. However, this process was tedious and ended up wasting a lot of product, and thus, the herb grinder was born. Easily the best way to grind your flower, herb grinders speed up the smoking process and take the labor out of an activity meant to help you unwind.

The smoking game was revolutionized with the invention of the weed grinder, but at V Syndicate, we decided to take it a step further with the creation of the first ever grinder card. We wanted freshly ground flower to be even more accessible, so we simplified the process and created a grinder that is portable, lightweight, easily concealed, eco-friendly, and simple to use. Small enough to slip into a pocket or even a wallet, our grinder cards are made from durable stainless steel with sharp teeth that evenly grate your herb without putting your fingertips at risk.

Of course, we also offer standard 4-piece grinder sets and for our wholesale customers, custom 2-piece and 4-piece grinders are available. All of our grinders have interfaces with full-color, bold designs, and feature sharp teeth, a durable pollen screen, and two mini scrapers to make sure every smoke sesh begins with consistent, smooth herb and a seamless grinding experience.

What is the best type of herb grinder?

That all depends on you and your preferences! There are many types of herb and spice grinders, and here is a breakdown of some of them:

Acrylic weed grinders: these herb grinders are the cheapest ones on the market. They get the job done- but not much else. Typically made from just two pieces, these grinders are okay for short-term use, but their plastic teeth quickly dull, making it harder to cut through your herb.

2 Piece Weed Grinders: These cannabis grinders are made from just two separate pieces that are both lined with teeth. Although they don’t have a separate compartment to catch the herb, or a pollen screen/chamber, some users opt for the 2-pc grinders for their compact, no-fuss nature.

3 Piece Weed Grinders: 3 piece grinders are one step above the 2 piece sets as they come with an additional compartment to catch the freshly ground herb so you don’t have to pluck it out from the compartment with teeth.

4 Piece Weed Grinders: These large grinders may be bulkier than some of their counterparts, but they also provide a lot more function. 4 piece grinders are the most complete grinder sets you can purchase. Equipped with a compartment for your herb, a pollen screen, and a chamber at the very bottom where the pollen can collect so you can enjoy it later.

Mini grinders: These small grinders are perfect for the stoner on-the-go. Typically, you can buy mini grinders in 2-piece, 3-piece, and 4-piece designs, but they have a smaller circumference and diameter so that you aren’t weighed down by extra metal. They can’t hold as much herb as a typical grinder, but they are perfect for crushing up just enough flower for your one hitter or favorite rolling paper.

Weed Grinder Cards: Grinder cards are the brainchild of V-Syndicate and are the perfect alternative to carrying around a large, cumbersome grinder. Perfect for the smoker looking to be discreet, these easy-to-use grating cards are as compact as they are convenient.

How can I weed through the grinder options?

So now that you know the types of grinders out there, which one is the best one for you? If you prioritize portability, mini grinders and 2-piece grinders are the perfect option. If you would rather have a multi-function grinder, a 3 or 4 piece grinder is the way to go. If being discreet is important to you, then you can easily stash away a grinder card at a moment’s notice. And if you happen to be out of town without your supplies and need a cheap, quick fix, you can always head to your local smoke shop and pick up an acrylic grinder as a temporary solution.

What is the price of an herb grinder?

Because there are so many types of grinders on the market, prices can vary drastically. Lower-end grinders can cost as little as $10, while “designer” grinders can exceed $100. However, we are committed to selling smoking accessories at a fair price, and so our collection of high quality SharpShred grinders only cost $19.99.

How can I get a free herb grinder?

If you aren’t looking to shell out some coinage just yet, you can always follow us on Instagram for the chance to win free smoking accessories. Every couple of weeks we do give-aways in which you can score dope grinder sets, so keep your eyes peeled!

Cool Herb Grinders

Cool grinders are kind of our thing. Here are a few of our favorite rotary grinders:

T=HC2 Einstein SharpShred Grinder: Smart stoners know how to grind their herb right, which is why they choose the T=HC2 Einstein SharpShred Grinder.

Van Gogh SharpShred Grinder: This grinder is perfect for the artsy smoker, with a stunning design and full-color display.

Cool Herb Grinders Near Me

The beauty of e-commerce is that the closest cannabis grinder to you is right on your phone or computer. We ship world-wide and even sell our grinders on Amazon. We also sell to distributors and suppliers across the country, meaning we might have products lining the shelves of your local smoke shop!

We sell the best weed grinders on the market. With so many options out there, from simple plastic weed grinders to high-tech electric and automatic weed grinders, it’s easy to feel lost. However, the weed grinders we have for sale are sure to not disappoint. Made from durable metal with sharp teeth and plenty of compartments, the functionality of these weed grinder sets is unlimited. You’ll never have to make a DIY weed grinder again, or google the question, “how to grind weed without a grinder.”