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V Syndicate Humidity Packs
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V Syndicate Large Hamsa Red SmartStash
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The SoleStash isn’t just any old stash jar, it’s the stoner’s ultimate tool. With a built-in grinder, a funnel, a humidifier, and tons of space for your favorite flower, this jar guarantees you’re ganja have a great time. The top of the SoleStash lid features our patented magnetic grinder card plate, which allows you to grate your weed directly into the wooden basin below. You can then use the opening to funnel the weed directly into your favorite bowl, pipe, or rolling paper, guaranteeing an easy transition into your next session. Underneath the lid is a humidity pack compartment, which is secured by a magnetic metal plate. Activate the included humidity packet by opening the packaging, and avoid the risk of dry, brittle weed hashing your mellow. Pop your leftover nugs into the spacious storage compartment and sink into reefer gladness.

1. Grind your herb on the magnetic grinder plate.

2. Pour contents from the wooden bowl lid via the funnel opening.

3. Open packaging on your included humidity packet and place inside magnetic closure under the lid.

4. Store your leftover herb at the ideal temperature.

5. Keep the highs rollin' by stashing in style each time!

Special Features

We believe that the weed jar is much more than just a container to be hidden away, and that the best stash box is one that always leaves its owner prepared. Our SoleStashes come with a ton of extra features to keep you smokin’ and the high times rollin’.

Design and color options: You may be in the market for a decorative stash box, but with the SoleStash Jar, expect to get so much more. These cool stash boxes come in multiple colors and styles so that you can find one just your type.

Multiple sizes: weed jars aren’t what they used to be. Although the large stash boxes are classics in their own right, smokers are looking for more portable options now that we live in a flower-friendly world. Our SoleStash jars come in three sizes (small, medium, and large) so that you can pick out the best one for your lifestyle.

Humidified: These high end stash boxes come fully equipped with a humidity compartment and your first humidity pack to get you started. Keeping your herb fresh and unscathed from excess light/air can be difficult, but with a humidified stash box, your herb is guaranteed to remain fresher, longer.

Built in grinder: To create a truly elevated stash box, we knew we needed to create a product that was multi functional. Our SoleStashes exceed the capabilities of any regular smokers stash box and feature a built in grinder plate so that you can easily grate your herb wherever you are- similar to our grinder card, so no large rotary grinders required! 

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