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V Syndicate Glass Rollin' Tray Tribal Lion Glass Rollin' Tray
On Sale
Tribal Lion Glass Rollin' Tray
$8.99 $19.99
SAVE 55%
V Syndicate Glass Rollin' Tray Faded Glass Rollin' Tray
On Sale
Faded Glass Rollin' Tray
$9.99 $19.99
SAVE 50%
V Syndicate Glass Rollin' Tray Small T=HC2 Einstein Solar Diesel Glass Rollin' Tray
On Sale
V Syndicate Hybrid Rollin Tray Medium Devil vs Angel Hybrid Rollin' Tray
On Sale
V Syndicate Glass Rollin' Tray T=HC2 Einstein Higher Education Glass Rollin' Tray
On Sale


Roll your herb up without the mess

What is a rolling tray?

Rolling trays are the stoner’s ultimate tool. Although the idea behind them is simple, they have revolutionized the way stoners everywhere roll up their flower. Perfect for spreading out your herb while packing a glass piece or rolling a joint, rolling trays are designed with the user in mind so that the beginning of every sesh is just as relaxing as the end. Typically, the best trays have flat, smooth surfaces and curved edges to ensure a seamless rolling experience. However, the composition of the trays is just the beginning. The coolest part about these products are their designs. We offer a wide variety of artwork, from classic stoner designs, to artwork inspired by your favorite cartoons, to original, trippy rolling trays.

Why use a rolling tray?

The primary function is to help the user keep track of their ground up herb. We know that your green doesn’t come cheap, so our rolling trays are designed with curved edges to keep all that sticky goodness where it is supposed to be. No sense in losing your precious flower to the cracks in your couch, divots in your table, or god forbid, the infinite abyss of your own lap. Instead, use one of our premium rolling trays to help you get your papers pearled without making a mess.

Not only do our trays keep your herb in one place, they actually help facilitate the rolling process. The shape of our trays help the grounds collect in the middle, right where your favorite paper or blunt wrap would be. With a little help from gravity, it is now much easier to finesse the wrap and the flower into a fat blunt or crisp j.

However, more important than the function of the rolling tray, is the expression that it enables. We offer a multitude of cool designs, and with over 300 products to choose from, you are sure to find something that suits your style.

Do you offer custom pieces?

Our design team is happy to whip up a batch of custom rolling trays for your brand or shop! Although we do not offer one-offs, we have affordable pricing on our collections. If you are buying your products in bulk, fill out our wholesale contact sheet and a sales representative would be happy to help you with all of your customization needs. We even offer blank items, for any distributors looking to do their own printing.

Rolling tray sets 

We offer multiple bundles that include trays, lighters, grinder cards, and grinders, making for the supreme rolling tray set. We also offer rolling tray sets that include a tray and matching lid (Roll n' go). If you can’t find a set in the design of your choice, most of our designs are available across multiple products, so you can pick out a tray, a grinder, a lighter, or what have you, and put together your own unique raw rolling tray kit.

Do you offer wholesale?

At V Syndicate, we specialize in wholesale and bulk orders. Our sales representatives spend all day making sure our wholesale orders are their first priority, and know how to fulfill the needs (and invoices) of any distributor or supplier looking to sell the best rolling trays on the market. Simply visit our wholesale website to learn more.

What’s the difference between your large, medium, slim, and small rolling trays?

Large- exclusive to only a couple designs, our large trays should probably be renamed to MASSIVE. At a whopping 13.25 in. x 10.75 in., these trays are big enough to hold all the herb of even the most experienced smokers.

Medium- our medium sized trays are still big enough to get any job done with dimensions of 10.5 in. x 6.25 in.

Slim- this mini tray is long and skinny, perfectly sized for rolling a clean joint or plump blunt. They weigh in at 8 in. x 4 in.

Small- perfect for the stoner-on-the-go, this portable tray is 7 in. x 5.5 in.

Glass, Metal, and Hybrid Rolling Trays: Which One is Right for You

Glass rolling trays- our glass trays are the definition of raw. Made from tempered, shatter-resistant glass, these rolling trays are printed in full color and feature your favorite rolling tray designs.

Metal rolling trays- these trays are lightweight and super durable- perfect to take with you or to leave at home.

Hybrid rolling trays- these trays are the best of both worlds- literally. Suitable for both herb and oil, these metal trays come with a food grade silicone pad for all of your dab needs.

Featured Designs

We have designs for every kind of smoker! Don’t roll the dice when it comes to your rolling tray, find the perfect one right here.

Girl Scout Cookies Metal Tray: Perfect for the stoner who just loves… well, flower! Our Girl Scout Cookies tray is also available in glass.

420 Pink Metal Tray: If you prefer a more girly look, this pink perfection will be sure to satisfy. Also available in glass.

Pussy Vinyl Metal Tray: This cute tray is out of this world. Perfect for the avant garde stoner, this design is also available in glass.

Dab Portal Metal Tray: If cartoon rolling trays sound more up your alley, then the Dab Portal Metal Tray will be right at home on your coffee table. We have multiple RnM designs, and you’re sure to find one that makes you say “Wubba Lubba Dub Dub”

Call of Doobie Metal Tray: For the stoners who game while they sesh, we present the Call of Doobie rolling tray. Glass version also available.

Other Smoking Accessories

Maybe you are looking for a stash box to go with your rolling tray, or a grinder to add to your growing rolling tray set, either way, we’ve got some product recommendations for you.

Owllusion Turquoise SmartStash Jar: The perfect container for all your stash needs, this humidified jar also comes with a built-in grinder plate so that you can easily grate your herb directly into the basin below.

Van Gogh Blazin' Ashtray: Our ashtrays are made from tempered glass and feature some of the same super cool designs as our rolling trays.