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Grinder cards are now non-stick!

At V Syndicate, we work diligently to make sure our products are the best that they can possibly be for our consumers, which is why we took the time to re-design our grinder cards for an even more user-friendly experience. We added a non-stick coating to the stainless steel grinder plate for a smooth finish, making grinding even easier and cleanup a breeze.

How to use your grinder card

Our grinder cards may look like they belong in a wallet, but they are meant for shredding green and not spending it. These small herb grinders are the portable, non-stick, eco-friendly way to easily grate your flower and get the high times rolling, but, as the inventors of these credit card inspired herb grinders, we understand that you may have some questions on how to use them. 

We believe that using a non-stick grinder card is the best way to grind herb on the go. If you have ever needed to grind herb without a grinder, you know that pulling bud apart with your fingers is time-consuming and often devolves into a sticky mess. Luckily, our stainless steel grinder cards easily cut through nugs of any consistency, creating uniform and fluffy grounds. Simply take your herb grinder out of its sleeve, select your favorite flower, and using short strokes, grate your herb against the metal teeth of the card. Plus, the coated grinder plate makes cleanup easy. The non-stick surface can easily be wiped down with a damp paper towel and requires no hard scrubbing.

These pocket-sized grinder cards are portable, lightweight, and durable, making them some of the best herb grinders on the market. 

Some of our favorite designs:

  • Cheech and Chong Grinder License: Dave’s not here man, which means you can’t use his grinder. Luckily, you have your license to grind with this portable little tool. 
  • Game Head: Perfect for when you are going to smoke with your Player 2, this grinder card is guaranteed to level up any sesh. 
  • T=HC2 Black Hole: This grinder card is sure to suck you in. One of our most popular designs, now available as a non-stick, portable accessory perfect for when you’re ready to blast off. 

Check out our private label page for custom grinder cards!

If you have ever needed to grind weed without a grinder, may we introduce the grinder card. Cheaper than a plastic weed grinder, smaller than a mini weed grinder, and as discreet and eco-friendly as possible, the grinder card is the best way to grind weed. Plus, these nonstick grinders are super easy to clean! Ceramic weed grinders only require a damp paper towel to return to their original condition.