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V Syndicate Syndicase Savage Syndicase 2.0
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V Syndicate Large Hamsa Red SmartStash
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Smell Proof Stash Boxes and Jars

Weed Storage Done Right

With a constantly expanding market, it’s easy to lose track of all of the different kinds of smoking products that are out there. Not too long ago, your only options were glass pieces and some handy ol’ rolling papers. Now, we have to sift through an entire catalogue of smoking accessories. Between pipes, grinders, graters, papers, wraps, dab rigs, gravity bongs, pokers, lighters, vapes, bowls, trays, and bubblers, there is no wonder why navigating the world of smoking accessories can be so tricky.

In short, a stash box is any container that you use to store items that you want to keep either safe or private. A smoker’s stash box is great for hiding paraphernalia from unwanted eyes, while also keeping all of your items organized, dry, and safe from potential damage. Stash jars also helps with discreetly transporting valuable/breakable items and keeps you prepared for any surprise sessions.

We wanted to up the ante when it came to stoner storage, so we had our design team come up with the most elevated stash box to date, the SmartStash Jar. This jar knocks all of your DIY stash boxes out of the park, with multiple functions, multiple designs, and endless possibilities.

Why should I use a stash box?

An herb stash box is a necessary tool for any regular smoker. They keep all of your sesh supplies neatly organized in one place, making lighting up easier and more efficient. Plus, they provide a level of discretion for stoners who prefer to keep their stash hidden. Maybe you want to keep your secret stash box away from snooping roommates or little ones running around your house- no matter what your reason, having a stash box gives you the security you’re looking for. You can even opt for a smell proof stash box or a locking stash box for an added layer of caution.

Not only do stash jars and stash boxes help with privacy, the right stash box will also help you save money. When you buy an airtight, light-proof container, you lengthen the lifespan of your herb and keep the fun chemicals inside from degrading.

Something we value at V Syndicate, outside of security, is expression. If you’re looking for more of a statement piece than a secret stash, then our bold designs paired with top-of-the-line craftsmanship is sure to please. Keep your Syndicase or SmartStash Jar out as a decorative stash box and then simply stow away when unwanted eyes are around.

Best stash jar and box designs 

We have created a luxury stash box with our SmartStash line. These beautifully crafted stash jars come with all the bells and whistles: a built-in magnetic grinder plate so that you can easily grate your herb wherever you are, a wooden basin built into the lid to easily catch all of your freshly ground flower, a funnel for directing your herb into your favorite glass piece or rolling paper, a humidity compartment with a magnetic plate to keep your humidity pack in place, and we even include your first humidity packet to get you started. These humidified, magnetic stash boxes are the epitome of high end stoner storage.

How do I stop my herb from going stale?

Trying to keep your herb fresh can feel like an uphill battle when dealing with factors like lighting, temperature, and moisture levels. Luckily, our Syndicases and SmartStash Jars are here to help you maintain the ideal environment for your herb.

Exposing your flower to the elements often results in a dry, stale, and ineffective product. This is because things like heat and light actually change the molecular structure of your herb, which hardens your flower and causes the chemicals within it to atrophy. Having an airtight stash box, or one that is humidified, helps fight the aging process and keeps your herb fresh. Our Syndicases are perfect for storing flower for long periods of time as their airtight design keeps unwanted light and dry air from wreaking havoc over your bud. Our SmartStashes take herb storage even further; these humidified stash jars ensure that your herb is always stored in optimum moisture levels.

What kinds of storage do you offer?

We sell two types of storage containers for your herb: the Syndicase and the SmartStash Jar. Our stash jars come in three different sizes.

Syndicase: our Syndicases are smell-proof and airtight! Meaning your flower is protected and so is your privacy. Perfect for the mobile smoker, these portable stash boxes are 4.75 in x 2.5 in and feature bold, full-color designs, making them some of the coolest stash boxes on the market.

Small SmartStash Jar: this alternative to a small stash box is sure to please. Don’t let it’s size fool you, this fully-equipped stash jar can easily hold a quarter oz of product, your favorite rolling papers, lighters, and even small glass pieces, all while being compact enough to be your designated car stash box.

Medium SmartStash Jar: A perfect in-between, these raw stash jars can hold up to a half ounce of flower so you always stay stocked. Available in multiple colors and designs, you don’t want to miss out on the coolest stash boxes on the market.

Large SmartStash Jar: Our biggest SmartStash Jars can hold up to a full ounce of product! Make sure each bud is properly stored with this large stash box that comes with a complimentary humidity so your flower has the longest shelf life possible.