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  • Ready to reinvent your brand? We offer private labeling on ALL collections except our SmartStash line! If you're a first time customer we offer free graphic design assistance!

    Fill out the form below and our sales team will get back to you right away!

    Please note: We do not offer one-offs! There is a unit minimum that
    varies depending on collection.
  • • I’m interested in a custom tray, can I order just one? - We do not offer one offs —there is a minimum purchase requirement for every custom product. Please contact us for details.

    • Can I submit a design for your stock trays? - At this time we are not taking private inquiries on stock product designs.

    • Do you offer custom packaging for my custom order? - Custom grinder cards do have customizable sleeves, but not every item offers this option. Custom packaging is possible for most products, if minimum order quantities are met. Please inquire at for additional details.

    • What is the production time on custom orders? - Production times vary between products. Grinder Cards, for example, take approximately 4-6 weeks to produce and ship and 3-4 weeks for repeat designs. For production times on our custom products please contact

    • What is the cost breakdown on custom products? - Prices vary between products. Please inquire at for pricing details.

    • How much will I be required to pay upfront? - We require 50% of the payment to place the order, and the remaining 50% to ship the order.

    • Is there a way to receive a sample of my custom product before I place an order? - Samples of any custom product can be made before mass production, please inquire at as product sample cost varies depending on which item.

Rolling Tray Private Labeling

If you want to sell cool rolling trays with your very own brand name, you’re in luck. We offer private labeling for all of our rolling tray lines, including our glass rolling trays,metal rolling trays, and hybrid trays. We have what we think are the best rolling trays on the market, so you’re always putting your name on a quality product. Our trays are durable, made from high quality material, and are always printed in high definition full color. If you need help with designing your product, we offer design assistance so that you receive a product that is just right. Whether you’re looking for trippy rolling trays,cute rolling trays, or rolling trays that are just straight dope, our team of designers can help you out. We also offer wholesale rolling trays if you are interested in any of the designs on our website.

Grinder Private Labeling

Both of our rotary grinder collections are available for private labeling. Our SharpShred herb grinders easily cut through even the densest of flower and come equipped with a durable pollen screen and two mini scrapers. These 4 piece grinders come in both 50mm and 63mm sizes and are made from super durable metal. If you are looking for ceramic grinders, our CleanCut line is for you. These non stick grinders come with ceramic-coated teeth so that no residue builds up on the inside of the grinder, and feature all of the same capabilities as our SharpShreds.

Stash Box Private Labeling

Our Syndicase collection offers the most durable,portable stash boxes on the market. These small stash boxes are available for private labeling and are always printed in high resolution full color. Perfect for on-the-go use, these smell proof stash boxes can hold papers, flower, filters, lighters, and carts, while still being small enough to throw in your pocket.

Other Products Offered

We offer private labeling for all other smoking accessories on our website, except for our SmartStash line. If you have any questions about creating a custom product, reach out to our sales team using the form above.


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