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Warranty Registration Instructions

Ready to register your grinder for a lifetime warranty? By registering your grinder, you'll never have to worry about defective products. We work to ensure that you always get the best out of your sesh!

1. First, you'll need to create an account with us, or login to an existing one. Click on the burger menu on mobile, scroll down, and hit "Log In". (If you're on desktop, this will be on the top right.)

2. Once you sign up, you can register a product by clicking on the "Register A Product" button in the account details section of your account page.

3. Keep track of any products that you register with us, by clicking the "View My Warranties" button just underneath the registration button.

PS - There are a few things we don't cover: lost or stolen grinders, cosmetic scratches, and normal wear & tear. As in: if you have this thing for 10 years and it starts to look different, that's just aging, baby. Questions or comments? Hit us up at .