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5 Best Strains for Your Valentine Sesh

By Customily Collaborator January 27, 2020 0 comments

Keep the Highs Rollin'

What are you doing on February 14th? Regardless of how adventurous (or minimal) your plans are, there's a good chance you'll make time to include a sesh. We've seen you browsing our site, we know what you're contemplating...

You'll either end the night feasting on snacks from your date's kitchen cabinets, or temporarily awaken from your high to notice the crazy bill that the waiter placed next to your third round of dessert. Both scenarios courtesy of the munchies. But what strain will you end up choosing for the day? We've all seen the memes of stoners placing buds in chocolate boxes, or bouquets made with marijuana leaves. Yet, is there a perfect strain for your preferred high? Of course! We've gathered some of our favorites to discuss here.


Known for its tart, citrus-laced flavor and vibrant colors. Pink Lemonade is an ideal choice for the more adventurous romantic plans. This strain leans toward the energizing side of the spectrum, but still manages to create relaxation and take the edge off of any pre-date anxiety. You might be interested in this one if your pursuits are still in their beginning phases. And also if you're not trying to become tongue-tied in paranoia, later knocking out at the theater before the previews finish. 



Ranging in color from purple to green, Bubba Kush is just about as good looking as your date. (Well, one can at least hope.) This indica-heavy strain has a slight hint of chocolate flavoring that's perfect for the occasion. If you're planning on staying in and cuddling with a sweet head buzz, this is for you! It kicks in quickly and will even ease the pain you endured while shopping for a gift last minute, fighting your way through lines at the mall... 



Is your date a novice when it comes to flower, but you love 'em anyway? The relaxing and gentle highs of Blue Dream make it a great introductory strain. It has a smooth berry flavor, won't make you tired, and is a visual stunner across the board. Even those who are shy to learn about cannabis will appreciate its "aesthetic." Enjoy it outdoors as nature intended and feel inspired on those cliche (yet sweet) long walks on the beach. 


It's always in season! Unlike the amazing snack that this strain is named after. Once again, you can't go wrong with a hybrid (especially one called Girl Scout Cookies). Bordering between offering soothing highs and keeping the user talkative, it's another great strain for inducing the right atmosphere. Take your date out for some arts and crafts after the uplifted, creative highs of this strain kick in. Bonus points if you clean off the tray and utilize it as a serving dish for homemade cookies later...




Last but not least, we want to let you know that the intimidating name of this strain shouldn't worry you! AK-47 might not have the most romantic title, but it is known to offer a strong euphoric feeling. Head to a party and enjoy its ability to get you fully engaged into any conversation or dance-off. Your date will be mesmerized by this strain's ability to enhance confidence, and allow you to end the night on a high note...



We love these strains so much that we put them all onto our metal and glass Rollin' Tray collections for you! Honorable mentions that we still enjoy, but didn't include here are: OG Kush and Green Crack.

PS: Utilize our 20% off sale in the days leading up to Valentine's Day to get a tray (or Grinder Card) to pair with your date's gift. Discount pops up automatically at check out. You don't have to strain yourself, we got you. 

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