Doggface Rollin' Tray

Hey Siri, play "Dreams" by Fleetwood Mac.

Fine tune your highs with a roll on this sweet tray.

Starring none other than the legend himself: Doggface!

There's no need to explain the energy that was exuded when Nathan Apodaca turned up some Fleetwood Mac, busted out a bottle of cranberry juice, and glided down the road on his skateboard. His actions garnered millions of views, and honestly we can understand why. It's those small moments of peace and positivity that matter the most.

We partnered up with him to create a rolling tray that'll keep you just as uplifted as the sensation himself. Since his rise to fame he's purchased a new home, been sponsored by huge brands, and worked on some dope projects. He's still retained his down to earth personality and we'd like to think of this tray as an object of good fortune to you. So roll one up and let the blessings appear.

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